We provide comprehensive tax planning services

We all know the date—April 15.  The day we all look forward to as citizens and to settle our tax obligation with the US Government.  As Murfreesboro tax professionals, we know all the in's and out's.  Our CPA's will help you navigate the increasingly complex world of federal, state, and local tax laws.  We do more than just prepare your returns.  We work with you throughout the year to find the best strategies—partnering with you in all decisions to maximize the benefits for you and your business.  We know you don't want to spend more time thinking about taxes than necessary, that's why Hall Davidson & Associates is ready to help you navigate the seemingly endless amount of new and changing regulations to find the best approach for you.

Our Tax Planning & Preparation Services

  • Tax Return Preparation and Research
    1. Personal 1040 Returns
    2. Corporation Returns
    3. Partnership & LLC Returns
    4. Estate & Gift Returns
    5. Not-For-Profit Returns
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Back Tax Return Filing
  • IRS Tax Examination Representation

Trusted Guidance

Not sure if you currently have the most effective tax planning process in place?  It's important to create and regularly update your tax plan to ensure you and your company are in the best position possible.  To learn more about our tax planning process, please contact us.  ​