David B. Hall, CPA

Managing Partner

David B. Hall was born in Michigan, and grew up in the Maryland suburbs of our nation’s capital. He came to Murfreesboro in June, 1957, following graduation from Southern Adventist University in Chattanooga with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and business, to join the firm of Knight & Davidson, CPA’s, obtained his CPA certificate in 1958, and assumed management of the firm’s Murfreesboro and Woodbury offices in 1960. The firm was subsequently incorporated and its name changed to Hall, Davidson & Associates, CPA’s, P.C.

Under David’s leadership, the firm was among the first in Tennessee to recognize the potential and adopt the use of computers for accounting applications in 1969, when it took a large room-full of costly equipment to do what now can be done much more efficiently with an inexpensive desk-top computer. How rapidly developing technology has changed the way we live and do business! Over the years David has been involved in accounting work for the many varied types of businesses that the firm has served, and in addition to the firm’s management, spends much of his time on accounting and income tax work for businesses and individuals. Though he has passed the age when many retire, David is thankful for good health, greatly enjoys the association with his partners and staff and taking care of the needs of his clients and friends, and hopes to continue with his work for many more years.

David and his wife, Shirley, live on East Clark Boulevard in Murfreesboro, where they take pride in their beautiful flower beds maintained year-round for the enjoyment of passers-by. They enjoy taking care of their two very special little doggies, listening to classical music, reading, and travel. Their children and grandchildren are scattered across the country now. David is long-time member of the Murfreesboro Noon Rotary Club and is a past president of the Middle Tennessee Choral Society. He is a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the Tennessee Society of CPA's. David's hobbies have included flying, investments, singing in choral groups, and organizing groups for overseas travel. His interest in architecture has resulted in the design and construction of the firms office building, their home, and several other building projects over the years.

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David Hall

Location: Murfreesboro
Office Phone: (615) 893-9334
Email: davidbhall@hdacpa.com